Paris. January 2018

Paris is always a good idea. Even in a winter. 


It was my 3rd trip to Paris. First time I was 16 when I first time visited Paris. I was in a camp in a small town called Douville. We had one day excursion to Paris. It was first big trip in my life and it was fantastic.:) And Paris.. it was love from the first sight. Since then I always dreamed to come back. When I was 23 me and my sister decided to visit Paris. We spent 9 days in Paris. It was amazing. We visited all places, I saw really a lot and I was more and more in love. My favorite place was Montmartre and of course Basilique of the Sacré Cœur. <3 A lot of photos from this trip were published in my blog, but in another website.. And I was a little lazy to upload all again here.. So here is only a little piece of the big trip to Paris in 2015 - 


I was so excited when we bought tickets to Paris and planned our trip for the 3rd time.:) I wasn't really scared about weather. My thoughts were like "I don't care if it's cold, rainy weather. Paris is always beautiful" and for me it was. Despite rain and cold (but not so cold for me) weather. It was about 10 degrees Celsius. It was beautiful and unforgettable trip. The biggest advantage for this time (we were in Paris in the middle of January) was - lack of tourists! The thing that always annoys me - a lot of people around you, that yo can't even go the speed that you want. :D  So if you don't like people like I do, go to Paris when nobody goes. (just joking, i love people :D)  What can I say is must-see in Paris? Probably you know. But here is my list:


1. Eiffel Tower (from the Trocadéro place) 

2. Notre-Dame de Paris also known as Notre-Dame Cathedral and the area around. So beautiful just for a slow walk.

3. Basilique of the Sacré Cœur (and I really suggest you go inside too!)

4. The Île Saint-Louis (one of two natural islands in the Seine river) Here you can find the most tasty ice-cream (for me in Paris). The place is called "Berthillon Glacier". They also have hot meals, that are absolutely tasty too.:)

5. If you like shopping or you just want to see really beautiful shopping place and a lot of beautiful things, go to Galeries Lafayette.

6. This time we found amazing bakery, that was near our apartment. It's called "L'Atelier des Pains & Co" If you will be there, just take croissant with chocolate, please..

7. "Musée du Louvre" of course. Inside and out! ( you really will need all day for it! But it's worth to see Mona Lisa)

8. Arc de Triomphe (to see how huge it is) You can also go up and see Paris from above.

9. And if you are chocolate lover like I am, find "Lindt" shop and try all you can ... The chocolate is just "splendide". It's not french, but I actually don't care ( it's Swiss and I will be looking for this chocolate everywhere now :D) 



Thats all for now.:) Hope You will enjoy your trip to Paris and my next dream is to visit Paris in spring.:) Maybe you have some suggestions for me too? It will be nice to hear it! 

And now - my photo gallery for you.



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