Two Days In Amsterdam

It can happen rarely, but I surely can say that this trip to Amsterdam was perfect. :) I came here only for 2 days to visit my friends, but these 2 days were so full of joy, I felt so happy. I've decided to come to Amsterdam spontaneously, I bought tickets two weeks before the flight, the same day that I was talking about it with my friend. I was very excited that I will see my friends! It was Christmas time, so I knew that it will be so nice to spend some time with my friends, who I really missed. My thoughts about Amsterdam were just like "OK, I will see a beautiful city, with a lot of cyclists..." I didn't expect that much from this city in winter, I actually wanted to come here in spring... When I came to Amsterdam I was really shocked! It was love from the first sight...And I felt that this city feels the same way as I do. The weather was perfect; the sun was shining all day. We spent all day walking through the beautiful and cozy streets.

We also went to Van Gogh museum and we were so lucky because we skipped the huge line only because we bought tickets online. So we saved a lot of time... I love a lot Van Gogh's art and it was my little dream to go to this museum and to see all his artworks. After we saw all great art pieces, we went to the souvenir shop of the museum. I bought a few souvenirs for myself, that will be not just souvenirs for me, but memories too...

By the time we left the museum the Sun outside was setting down and the light was wonderful. I just couldn't stop taking pictures. It was so beautiful and magical...I felt like I'm in a dream. :) 

In the end of the day we went to "Amsterdam Light Festival". We went to boat route for 1.5 hours. After the sunset the city shined with night lights... I can't say it was beautiful... It was absolutely amazing! It was just unreal...It was beautiful Christmas fairy tale. (you can see some of "Amsterdam Light Festival" artworks in my video below)


So I really enjoyed time I spent with my friends in Amsterdam. I wish I could be so lucky to come back there in spring and see another side of Amsterdam - green and with lots of tulips. :) But now I feel full of happiness and I am so thankful for this... Of course this trip couldn't be so amazing without the best company - my two best friends that I love so much!